The use of white as the predominant color in holiday decorating can lead you in divergent ways. An overall design graced with lace, florals, and ruffles will create a soft, Victorian-inspired look. In a different direction with crisp white linen, spare florals and accents of silver, gold or mirrors and you will create a decidedly contemporary look. Read the rest of this entry »

Although anxiety and even a bit of depression are considered normal in the wake of the recent traumatizing events, parents should be aware of signs that children may be having more serious problems that may require professional help. Read the rest of this entry »

Because children have recently been subjected to the real-life horrors of the terrorist attacks, many parents may find it hard to imagine a more inappropriate time for a holiday that celebrates fear and ghoulishness. Read the rest of this entry »

After reflecting on my previous article, I continued to consider why today’s parents are so determined to hurry their children through childhood. What caused our obsession to make our kids grow up so quickly? Read the rest of this entry »

So there he was on stage, taking the oath of office, promising a new beginning, a new era in co-operation, and a new, aggressive outlook to the future. George “Dubya” Bush is here, and everything is going to be swell.
The world took a collective breath and hoped that perhaps the rhetoric might be real. That is, until the more astute observers in the Internet world checked out at the moment of transition. They found that in an absolutely unprecedented transfer of power, the old Clinton White House site disappeared, and the new Bush White House site ventured forth on to the world stage.

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Now that the holidays are over, my preschooler and first grader’s rooms, overflowing with new toys and games, are worse than ever. They seem totally inept at keeping their stuff in order. Do you have any suggestions?

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Ivana Trump has announced the launch of a new magazine to be called “Ivana Living in Style,” according to a New York Daily News gossip column. And you can bet her use of the word Living is no accident. We’re looking forward to the bloodshed when Ivana goes head-to-head with Martha “don’t get in the way of my spatula” Stewart. So, who dishes better style advice? We did a little background check to help you decide.

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Well, Boys and Girls, as you can see, Mr. Garry is back. It is called ‘parole’.

There will be some changes. Remember Mr. Judge? He has told Mr. Garry not to have people demonstrate handgun safety on this show anymore. Instead we are going to do fun stuff like go to The Art Museum.

This is it. You can tell by all of the sculptures and paintings. Well, you can also tell because that is what the sign says on the building.

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The telephone rang at 2 AM. Since Cassandra’s due date had passed three days earlier, I knew what it probably meant. But I was skeptical. I had a previously uncontested theory about birth order as it relates to my parents’ grandchildren. Each had entered this world one day of the week after the other, starting with Cassandra herself on a Sunday evening. Her brother Shannon arrived on a Monday, their sister Rachel on a Tuesday. Next came cousin Lexi on a Wednesday, followed by cousin Erica on a Thursday. Cassandra’s first son Patrick arrived predictably on a Friday morning. And he had been 10 days late. This call came on a Thursday, only 3 days late. And it didn’t sound urgent. In fact, Cassandra sounded perfectly normal. Not really sleepy, though. And more than a tinge excited. “I think I might be in labor,” she said.

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Want to be treated to luxury in a small Oregon town? This is the place for a great getaway.

Have you ever been somewhere and realized it had a hold on you? Until a trip to Oregon, our favorite beaches were in Washington State. The small coastal town of Cannon Beach, the Carmel, California, of Oregon changed that. Little did I realize that we’d be so drawn to this town.

Cannon Beach is located on the Oregon Coast south of Seaside, a young-at-heart mecca for tourists who like the boardwalk beaches of yesteryear and the touristy atmosphere. Cannon Beach is more of a small-town atmosphere with some unique downtown shops and galleries winding through an up-and-down town. Read the rest of this entry »