If you have ever been frustrated by a string of negative test results then you might want to read this article.

We all know someone that has been subjected to endless batteries of medical tests to determine the cause of their poor health. It is true that doctors are supposed to be diagnosticians, but they don’t all have the time and resources to spend working with each of their patients that present challenges beyond the normal scope of medicine.

Often individuals with complex symptoms are lumped into categories when the medical professionals feel frustrated at the normal outcome of all the tests that they have put their patient through. Many people end up being misdiagnosed and told that they have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, when in fact they do not match the profile exactly.

Rare disorders are those that are diagnosed in only an extremely small portion of the world population. Individuals that are victims of these types of syndromes or disorders often feel that they are suffering from mental disorders rather than physical disorders, especially when medical personnel tell them its all in their head. They begin to think that they are hypochondriacs and they may even become severely depressed at the lack of information gained from the numerous tests that they have undergone.

Rare diseases may be more common than what we anticipate, because of the lack of information available to doctors and researchers on patients’ medical conditions and symptoms. Some of these rare disorders are only documented for 6 people in the world, but in all likelihood, the numbers would grow if all patients had access to the studies being done around the world.

Living with a rare disorder can be truly difficult. Trying to get others to understand what is medically wrong with you and how it needs to be treated is very frustrating and can lead to a feeling like you want to give up – a why bother or I don’t care attitude. There is help for individuals and their families, that fall into this classification.

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