Many people are confused about stress and the role it plays in daily life. Stress is a natural state of readiness or response to a challenge or threat. All humans and animals experience stress. Although too much stress can be disabling, it is neither a mental illness, nor does it cause mental illness. Individual levels of daily stress vary over a wide range. Some days you may feel completely relaxed and in control, while other days you may feel stressed out and out of control.

Experiencing high levels of stress over a long period of time can cause people to lose sleep, eat when they are not hungry, constantly feel fatigued, have difficulty concentrating, and respond irritably to those around them. Long-term stress may cause headaches, skin irritation, ulcers, and diarrhea. When stress causes a person to overeat, weight gain is the consequence that, in turn, can damage self-esteem and make matters worse.

A Natural Response

Stress is a natural response that prepares our mind and body to deal with threats and challenges. Anything perceived as a threat or challenge can trigger the body and mind to respond. The fear of weight-control failure or self-criticism can cause increased stress. An example will help put these ideas into perspective.

The challenge of being placed in a high-risk situation can be stressful for people who struggle with their weight. Suppose you are invited to a company party where there will be a lot of high-calorie foods and alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, you have recently put on a few pounds, and your mother-in-law, who works for the same company, will be there. She always criticizes your eating habits and weight. You fear that your coworkers will pressure you to eat, drink, and have a good time, while your mother-in-law pressures you not to. Needless to say, you’re definitely not looking forward to the party. As the day of the office party gets closer, your body and mind begin to react to the fear of losing control at the party or of coping badly with the expected criticism. Your stress begins to spiral out of control. In this example, the threat is not the office party or even your mother-in-law. Rather, it is the hard work required to resist the pressure of your coworkers to eat at the party or of coping with your mother-in-law’s criticism and not eating to spite her. This results in your feeling that your coworkers, your boss, and others will look down on you for not having control and that your relations with your mother-in-law will get much worse, which affects your marriage. It’s the overwhelming challenge of this situation that produces stress, but you have the ability within you to reduce this stress.

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