The causes of macular degeneration are poorly understood and may reflect contributions from genetics (family history) and environmental influences such as diet, smoking and sunlight exposure. Most ophthalmologists recommend a balanced diet possibly with an ordinary multi-vitamin supplement. While there may be at least theoretical justification for dietary supplementation with anti-oxidant vitamins (vitamins C, E and carotenoids) and zinc, data from preliminary studies are not compelling for high-dose vitamin supplementation. Since AMD presumably develops over a lifetime, it is unlikely that modification of environmental factors will be helpful once the disease is recognized. Specifically, cessation of smoking or dietary modification may prevent a 30 year old from developing AMD (at least hypothetically), but is unlikely to reverse the course of the disease in a 70 year old already diagnosed with AMD.
Since some forms of wet AMD may be treatable with laser therapy, routine examination and prompt evaluation for visual changes including loss or distortion of vision is recommended.

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