Ivana Trump has announced the launch of a new magazine to be called “Ivana Living in Style,” according to a New York Daily News gossip column. And you can bet her use of the word Living is no accident. We’re looking forward to the bloodshed when Ivana goes head-to-head with Martha “don’t get in the way of my spatula” Stewart. So, who dishes better style advice? We did a little background check to help you decide.

Childhood home Ivana: Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia; Martha: Nutley, New Jersey.

Youthful passions Ivana: Skiing — her father enrolled her in a Communist training camp for child athletes at age 12; Martha: Cooking, gardening, homemaking.

College Ivana: Charles University, Prague; Martha: Barnard College, New York City.

Children Ivana: Donald Jr., Ivanca, Eric; Martha: Alexis.

First book Ivana: “For Love Alone”; Martha: “Entertaining.”

Best known for Ivana: Painfully public divorce from Donald Trump; Martha: Her flaky pie crust.

In her own words Ivana: “If people see your weaknesses they will take advantage of them”; Martha: “It’s a good thing.”

In someone else’s words Donald Trump, Ivana’s ex-hubby: “Ivana built a cottage industry on my back”; Jerry Oppenheimer, Martha’s unauthorized biographer: “Martha’s not the doyenne of domesticity, but more like Betty Crocker from Hell.”

Early career Ivana: Model; Martha: Model.

Last seen Ivana: Paying homage at the spring ’99 fashion shows; Martha: Cleaning out the gutters.

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