Encourage self-recording

Self-recording is a powerful behavior modification tool. It can be used to reinforce many lifestyle behaviors, including exercise, eating and stress management. Asking clients to record progress while away helps them stick to their resolve to maintain their hard-earned gains. There is no arguing with that exercise log staring you in the face. Good intentions with no follow-through just can’t stand up to the reality check of actual performances recorded in black and white. Ask clients to hand in their records when they’re back in town, and they’ll feel you looking encouragingly over their shoulder while they’re away!

Take a positive approach

Explain to your clients how to use a break from the routine as an opportunity to improve lifestyle. After all, a vacation or even business travel may mean a temporary respite from household chores and, theoretically, more time for physical activity. Encourage clients to plan vacations and travel arrangements that offer some opportunity for exercise. Most cruises and resorts now promote their exercise facilities and classes. Business travelers are often able to find hotels with at least an exercise machine or two on the premises. Even the most committed couch potatoes can usually rouse themselves for a walk on the beach.

Every person need study basic first aid techniques. You never realize when you may need them – you, your loved one could be at school, at home, at work.

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