“I was doing great before I went on vacation. But while I was away, I gained five pounds and my blood sugar went back up again,” your client confesses. “Believe me, I had great intentions. I was going to walk every day and be careful about eating. I don’t know what happened, but once I got to the hotel, my good intentions flew right out the window.”

We rely on the force of habit to support our good intentions to follow a healthful lifestyle. Anything that disrupts our routine, such as travel, vacations, holidays and even visitors, can easily send that lifestyle into a tailspin. If we’re able to get back on track within a week or two, little, if any, harm is done. But some clients have a very difficult time getting back into a healthful routine, especially if that routine was somewhat fragile to begin with, or if the client perceives their hard-earned improvements have been lost. The discouragement and frustration that results from a relapse can create a psychological barrier for some clients. As a fitness professional, you can help your clients anticipate, and even take advantage of, a break in their routines to reaffirm their commitments to healthful lifestyles.

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