Dr. David Bernstein, vice chair of the AAAAI committee on immunotherapy, warns that undergoing immunotherapy is a long-term commitment. “However, it is still the best treatment available to control and prevent symptoms or to reduce a need for daily medications. If a patient is losing sleep at night because of allergies, or is having trouble concentrating at school or work despite current allergy medications, I suggest that he or she schedule an appointment with an allergist to first determine what specific allergens may be causing symptoms. If the patient is a good candidate for allergen immunotherapy, the pros and cons of this treatment should be discussed,” he said.

Cutting-edge research is developing new therapies that may or may not turn out to be valuable in medicine. One is Soluble Interleukin-4 Receptor (IL-4R). Dr. Larry Borish of the University of Virginia, colleagues from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and study sites of the National Jewish Medical and Research Center told the AAAAI convention earlier this year that it appears to be effective as a replacement for corticosteroids, and safe even at high doses.

IL-4R inhibits a naturally occurring protein called IL-4, which regulates a number of immune systems and is the initiator of the “asthma cascade” that results in a severe attack. The researchers believe it will become the first of a new generation of treatments for controlling asthma.

New facts about allergies are continually being discovered. Papers presented at the AAAAI annual meeting revealed that less exposure to parental cigarette smoke benefits asthmatic children, which may be no surprise. But a study by Dr. Jane El-Dahr and colleagues at Tulane University did find something unexpected: Cleaning the air ducts in a building did not reduce the amount of animal allergens in the air. Filters did.

A popular herbal called echinacea, which is supposed to ward off colds and flu, can touch off an allergic reaction in some people. On the other hand, two traditional Chinese herbal formulas appeared to reduce asthma symptoms in mice. Food from aerosol cans, such as those used for imitation whipped cream and some cheeses, have caused allergic reactions in children. So have some cooking odors.

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