Okay, Britney Spears is old enough to pose for Playboy now but many parents are worried about her unwholesome image. Is she empowered or exploited? You be the judge. Check out the current issue of Alice magazine, in which we look at teen girls and young women in America today as part of a special five part series. Lara Naaman talks to filmmaker Sara Jacobson (the cool chick who set high schools abuzz with Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore), Sneer editor Kate Flannery, and a host of other girls. Athena Douris talks with author Phyllis Reynolds-the woman who’s become the new Judy Blume (and shaken the young adult world). Jason Nielsen talks with several big wigs about the state of girlhood in America and abroad (including 17 year old actress Kirsten Dunst, Girls Town director Jim McKay, Hues founder Ophira Edut, and Radical Women organizer Nancy Reiko Kato).

As if that’s not enough we’ve got the Alice list of Girls to Watch Out For (more Shemekia Copeland and less Claire Danes) and exclusive interviews with cartoonist Lela Lee (of Angry Little Asian Girl fame) and The Girls’ Room director Irene Turner.


We know who the girls to watch out for today are, but what happened to the girls of yesteryear–the ’80s pop cult mavens that set malls and box offices abuzz? Here’s a handy update.

Tiffany (Darwisch), 28
Singer. Most famous for pop remake of “I Think We’re Alone Now” and attempting to emancipate self from parents. Signed New Kids on the Block as opening act in 1988–who knew? Currently in search of new record deal.

Jodie Foster, 37
Actor. Broke through as teen prostitute in Taxi Driver. Obsessed fan tried to impress her by shooting then-president Reagan. Played Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. Owns production company in L.A. and is raising a child in a non-traditional household.

Martha Plimpton, 29
Actor. Starred in The Goonies, The Mosquito Coast, Running On Empty, and Parenthood. Late-’80s fame for dating River Phoenix. Recently starred in Pecker and 200 Cigarettes.

Kerri Green, 29
Also starred in The Goonies and several late ’80s movies. Was the lead actress in Lucas (remember the red-head?) and Three for the Road. Most recently directed the acclaimed indie film Bellyfruit-about three Los Angeles girls who get pregnant and experience the pitfalls young, young motherhood.

Linda Blair, 41
Actor. Would have had Oscar at age 6 for The Exorcist, but crew used a dummy in too many parts. Early fame led to drug arrests and a relationship with Rick Springfield. Recently cameo in Scream as “Obnoxious Reporter.”

Dana Plato, deceased
Actor. Played Kimberly on cursed TV sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, 1978 to ’84. Arrested for armed robbery, then for forging a Valium prescription. Appeared on Howard Stern last spring to revive career; overdosed that evening-controversy surrounding death. Was 34.

Tracey Gold, 30
Actor. Played brainy sister Carol on TV sitcom Growing Pains with Kirk Cameron. Star of countless TV movies. Fought anorexia in early ’90s. Two sons. Movie, Spoken in Silence, out this year.

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