The Cradle Position. Once again, place one or two pillows in your lap. These will support your baby. You would then place your baby’s head in the crook of our arm. Be sure your baby is turned to you “tummy to tummy”. Your breast should be supported with your hand in the “C” position, thumb on top of your breast, fingers below. Be sure to keep fingers away from the areola. Again, tickle your baby’s lips until he opens wide then quickly guide your baby onto your breast.

Football / Clutch. Place a pillow or two at your side to support your baby and your arm. The baby should almost be laying on the pillow with your hand supporting his neck, head and lower back. Your forearm should be supporting his upper body against your side. Follow as in the “cradle and crossover” hold. This position is preferred by women who have had Cesarean Sections.

Lying Down Position/Side Lying. In bed lie on your side with pillows supporting your back. One pillow should be in between your legs with your top leg bent forward. Place your baby facing you on his side. Hold your breast with the hand you are not leaning on. Follow through as with the other positions.

Important Point to Remember:

Your infant should have a wide open mouth and should be covering most if not all of areola.
Do not allow your infant to latch only on to the nipple.
It takes a little time to learn your baby’s feeding cue’s especially during the first two weeks.
Breast feed “on demand”, which means when they show signs of hunger such as : increased body movements such as stretching or sucking their hands. Other signs of hunger include the “rooting reflex” which is when your infant turns his or her head with a wide open mouth as if your baby is searching for your nipple.
Avoid waiting till your infant is “crying” for a feed.

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