The mind is the most powerful healing force in the body. Often, one hears of stories where a persons mind can control their pain, or the persons mind-set slowed the advancement of AIDS or some other devastating illness. When the mind is in need of healing, the body will focus its energies there, even if it would mean shutting down bodily functions to do it. Emotions are tied into the mind. Illnesses have been known to occur due to a person having high amounts of stress in their lives. What about everyday emotions? Sadness. Grief. Anger. When these are stored in the body, illness can occur as well. The importance of emotional release is key. Old memories will also store emotions, sometimes even in memories long ago forgotten. How many of these memories, with their emotions, cause illness today? To release these emotions means to heal the body inside; for the mind must be healed for all other healing to take place.

There are many forms of emotional release available today. This article is about one of them, N.E.T.Neuro-Emotional Technique.

N.E.T. uses the concept that the body balances between three parts: biochemical, emotional, and structural. All three interact, and any imbalance in one will affect the others. All three parts affect body memory. The body remembers what the mind has forgotten, or put into the sub-conscious. It remembers the fears, passions, grief, and all other emotions a person has encountered from conception to their current age. The body remembers emotions from others, and their reaction to that emotion.

Chiropractic, massage therapy, and other forms of body work deals with the structural component of the body, in general. An example is an adjustment performed by a chiropractor. Although the adjustment will directly affect the persons structure (spine), it will also indirectly affect the emotional and biochemical components, which will, in turn, affect body memory. The use of supplements, herbs, drugs, etc., will affect the biochemical aspect of the body directly, which will affect the emotions and structure.

The use of N.E.T. focuses on the emotional component of body memory (which will indirectly affect the structure and biochemical components of the body if emotions are interfering with one of these). N.E.T. begins by testing if a statement is congruent. The body cannot lie. Using kinesiology (muscle testing), and interpreting yes and no answers, one can find a picture from a past event to work with. The body will work with the N.E.T. practitioner to bring a picture to memory. A tonal adjustment on specific vertebrae that corresponds to a given emotion is performed, to help release the emotional component of thoughts and memories from past events, to keep those past events from interfering with the present, and the future.

The body will not allow a memory to surface until the person is able to deal with the emotions, or the issue. Most of the time, N.E.T. will cause memories to surface at an early age, earlier than the persons current age. Usually events from a persons youth caused turmoil throughout the persons life. An example is a child at age 10 being called to the front of the class by his teacher to give a presentation. The child was unprepared, and was ridiculed in front of the class by his teacher. He became very embarrassed. Perhaps, then, throughout this young mans life, he became very anxious to give any presentation, or speak in front of a group. At age 30, he may come to our office because of anxiety over an upcoming public address he has to do. Through N.E.T., we could trace back to the event that happened when he was 10 and release the painful emotions associated with that incident. By releasing the painful emotions that started because of being ridiculed by his teacher, he would be able to g ive his presentation as an adult without having overwhelming anxiety. Once emotions are released from a memory, the emotions from that incident can no longer plague the persons life.

N.E.T. is a safe process. As mentioned earlier, a person will not recall something the person is not able to face yet. N.E.T. can be performed on people of all ages, from birth to elder-years.

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