OVERSTATED: Sky Dayton and Jake Winebaum, eCompanies Hard to say what this latest, biggest ebiz incubator has more of to burn: venture capital, or pure ego. Winebaum was Disney’s Web-Boy Wonder, the one who talked CEO Michael Eisner into investing in the much-hyped uber-portal Go Network (see “Ready. Set. Go?” Feb. ’99, p56) and a 43 percent share of Infoseek to make it happen. Go hasn’t gone much of anywhere by most measures and Winebaum bolted his job at Disney in June. Now he’s sharing office space in Santa Monica, Calif., with fellow Web wunderkind/Scientologist/surfer/EarthLink founder Dayton. The Sky/Jake duo so far raised a whopping $130 million for “an incubator that provides the critical services startups need from a range of disciplines, including finance, recruiting, design and production, technology, business dev — ” blah blah blah…. Sounds good, but where’s (a) the business plan; and (b) all the Jeff Bezos-wannabes that Jake and Sky expect to hire to turn all their startup plans into gold? eCompanies’ first venture — eHobbies.com — sounds about as groundbreaking as Go.

UNDERRATED: Joe Firmage and Toby Corey, Intend Change Firmage, the embattled founder and former CEO of USWeb/CKS — and accused space wonk/conspiracy theorist — is happy to tell you why he expects to be living in a different corner of the solar system before he hits middle age. (Check out www.ISSO.org for more on that.) Until then, though, he and fellow USWeb co-founder Toby Corey are running his latest venture called Intend Change. Like eCompanies, it promises to find, fund, run, and build an army of new Net startups, especially big corporate spinoffs. While Joe and Toby are about $100 million short of the venture backing that Sky and Jake have raised, “little” Intend Change firm has $2 billion USWeb/CKS — and the myriad Web services it sells, from branding to outsourced IT — standing behind it to deliver on the promise. A partnership with exec recruiters Christian&Timbers promises they’re serious about finding the talent.

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