Taking antidepressants along with participating in psychotherapy, can be used effectively for treating depression in many people. The condition of depression is characterized by intense feelings of hopelessness that can endure for weeks or months, interfering with daily life with its emotional and physical effects. People have referred to it as the second most disabling condition in the western world.

Depression can be caused by many things. Some causes include longtime substance abuse of alcohol or drugs, a specific event such as death or divorce, and a health condition or disease. However, possibly most provoking is the fact that depression runs in families and is frequently a matter of heredity. The current consensus is that an imbalance of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are responsible for regulating mood, is the cause of depression.

Depression is normally treated in one of two ways. Psychotherapy is one and it is a psychological method that promotes comprehension of issues and modifies disturbing feelings, behaviors or relationships. Biomedical therapy has replaced or accompanied psychotherapy in some instances, and includes the use of medications. Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are among the newer medications, as are Wellbutrin and Effexor which target different or combined neurotransmitters.

There are a lot of jokes about these medications in today’s world. People often thing that the purpose of antidepressants is to change a seriously depressed person into a happy-go-lucky person and to make them more self-assured, productive or outgoing, but their true role is to relieve the symptoms of depression so that person can function normally.

It’s common for medicines to have side effects.  Here are some that are associated with antidepressants: headaches, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and sexual dysfunction. Even though there are these effects, the overall way they work makes them very popular. Prozac is taken by five million people in America, and twenty million worldwide. The Journal of the American Medical Association recently became aware of a study that involved 154 outpatients which revealed that recurrence of chronic severe depression can be prevented with long-term use of Zoloft.

Because psychotherapy has been proven effective in treating depression, there has been concern over the decline in its use. An analysis of 650 patients, not too long ago, who were tremendously depressed, settled on the assumption that the best remedy consists of psychotherapy along with drug therapy.

Antidepressants, taken as prescribed and used together with psychotherapy, are helpful in treating depression. Even though you may have unpleasant side effects, the benefits are worth it.

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