There’s no doubt that planning a wedding has the potential to become a full-time job. You have to think of everything!! Where will the wedding be held? What about the reception, a dress, invitations, flowers, photographs and much, much more! Then many things to orchestrate for the ‘big day’! Here’s a guide so you don’t stress out before you get to the altar.

It’s normal to feel some levels of stress while you prepare for a wedding, however stress should not take control. Staying organized and healthy, you will overcome stress and have a joyful wedding.

These are tips so you don’t become an anxious, overtaxed bride-to-be. If at any moment, you feel as if you are about to break, wedding planners can help, and are worth the money. We know you want to achieve perfection. But, ironically, the more you try to control everything, the more out-of-control you will feel.

Organize & Prioritize

Keep a “TO DO” list! Keep this list with you at all times. When you think of something that you should do, a decorating idea or a question to ask a caterer — put it on your list immediately. Don’t wait! If you do, you might forget and then you’ll torture yourself with that nagging feeling that you are forgetting something.

On your ‘to do’ list, prioritize each item on a scale of 1 to 10. Perhaps the music is most important to you, followed by the menu, if you make these a high priority and take care of them right away, you will feel much better and accomplish the most important tasks first.

Don’t feel like you have to take care of everything yourself. Give the lower priority items to family and friends, they will complete the tasks just fine.

Use a calendar countdown

The calendar will keep you on track and help make sure you don’t forget anything. Calendars are in most wedding planning books. Keep all your appointments with caterers, florists, etc., in the calendar, along with deposits and payment. Keeping everything in one place will help keep you organized.

Time management is another way to handle stress. If you plan early, you will avoid last minute chaos and confusion.


Just because a task has been assigned doesn’t mean your helper has carte blanche. Be sure to communicate — calmly and clearly — such things as your budget limitations and how each helper’s task should contribute to the overall flavor of the affair. Just make it a policy for you to have the final approval.

Take care of yourself

You physical health plays a bigger role than you may realize. Eating right and taking time to rest can improve energy levels. Exercise is an excellent way to manage and relieve stress. It will also make you feel better in general. Setting aside time to play and laugh can also be very healthy, as can reserving personal quiet time. Take breaks from wedding planning. You may think you don’t have time to … but do it anyway. You’ll be amazed how good a ‘day off’ makes you feel and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to start again the next day!

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