2. Most managers today share an awareness that they and their workers don’t have time to do all that can be done. As a result, we all need to be able to prioritize and, at work, that means spending some time constantly re-focusing to see what business the company and you, as an individual, are really in;

3.The tempo and complexity of doing our jobs, and even of living, is constantly on the increase. In the past six and a half years, the total accumulated knowledge in the world has doubled. Researchers believe that it will redouble again in the next five. In other words, this time pressure thing is not just for the next few years, but will actually be life long;

4. Increasing time pressures will call for more than a “gimmick solution. The answers to time pressures can only be found by re-examining our basic working principles. Many time management books, for example, say that if we are handling a piece of paper more than once, we are wasting our time;

5. The principle of overcoming time pressures is this: “TIME IS RELATED TO OUTPUT – INCREASE YOUR OUTPUT AND YOU WILL HAVE MORE TIME. This implies continuous quality improvement so we should strive to constantly improve the way we do our jobs;

6. The principle of increasing our output is this: OUTPUT IS RELATED TO REFINEMENT OF TECHNIQUE – AS YOU REFINE YOUR TECHNIQUES OF SELF-MANAGEMENT, YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR OUTPUT. Have you ever seen a jogger who is expending double the energy and running slower than someone with a smooth, relaxed technique? Getting some coaching will help because we are sometimes too close to our time pressures to be able to see how to change technique;

7. We live in a world where it is easy to get stuck and become calcified. We’ve been taught that if you’ve succeeded in the past and are up against a similar problem, adapt the old solution and try harder. The difficulty is, (see the book “If It Ain’t Broke, Break It”), that this is no longer working and we need to totally re-think how we do our jobs if we are to reduce time pressures.

Next month in this space we’ll take this further and look at how we can overcome our increasing time pressures successfully.

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