When asked about their greatest every day stressors, most people respond that it is time or lack of it. As I sit in front of the keyboard composing this article, I have to face the normal interruptions of E-Main, the telephone, and other emergent priorities, most of which are not factored into the amount of time allocated for this particular task. Many of us grew up in an era when increased time was the promise of the future. Our challenge was to learn how to deal with all the leisure that we would experience. Instead, we are now faced with more time pressures, longer work weeks and other stressors amounting to the fact that there often do not seem to be enough hours in the day. This article examines time management as a key way to deal with stress.

There are several time management books published each year. Some offer you new and improved formulas for improving your use of time. Others tell of the need to change your whole life as the only effective method to control the stress of time. There are some basic principles that we can follow though without turning our lives upside down. The following are drawn primarily from the work of James McKay and Alan Lakein. They believe that we must first understand the meaning of time pressures, then learn to overcome them generally and specifically, finally creating a personalized plan to assist.

From their point of few let’s begin by looking at the meaning of time pressures. There are seven things we can examine:

1. To achieve or hold your position in the work force in this time of accelerated innovation, we need to spend part of each day in self-development. This may involve spending time on professional growth, like reading journals or may be in the form of personal growth, through things like exercise or meditation. To do these things we will need to be aware of our body clock and our learning styles so that the time we invest is productive;

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