Drew Barrymore, 24
Actor. At 7, played Gertie in E.T. At 16, published autobiography recounting early drug and alcohol abuse. Reportedly had affair with Jane and Sassy founder Jane Pratt. Now Hollywood’s flower child; spokeswoman for female condom. Produced and starred in Never Been Kissed and upcoming Charlie’s Angels.

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Okay, Britney Spears is old enough to pose for Playboy now but many parents are worried about her unwholesome image. Is she empowered or exploited? You be the judge. Check out the current issue of Alice magazine, in which we look at teen girls and young women in America today as part of a special five part series. Read the rest of this entry »

If the Linux operating system ever becomes successful with consumers on the desktop, it may be thanks to a 26-year-old programmer from Mexico City, Miguel de Icaza. De Icaza is the head of the Gnome Project, a far-flung group of more than 300 programmers who work around the clock building a graphical user interface (GUI) for the otherwise arcane UNIX-based operating system. Read the rest of this entry »

When privatization takes place, it is followed by a process akin to cannibalization. Polite society call its cherry picking and the World Bank refers to it as unbundling.

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In two years, my allocation of $39,000 should look like this:

25% cash
0% bonds
28% real estate (since my mortgage is young, I’m not really building equity yet)
46% stocks

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Asset allocation is a lot like driving: You decide where you want to go, and then you pick the fastest route.

The destination is your financial goal, whether it’s salting away money for grad school or for retirement. The fastest route can vary, of course, but what you try to do is put your money into the riskiest asset groups you can stand (because, long-term, those are the ones making the most money). To cut down some of that risk, you diversify, putting your money in a variety of kinds of asset groups, so they won’t all plunge downward at once.

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Boy, have I got a surprise for you! Does hearing this statement make you cringe, panic or feel like doing handsprings? The way you choose to react to happenings, including surprises may make a big difference in your health and wellness picture.
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Want to be treated to luxury in a small Oregon town? This is the place for a great getaway.

Have you ever been somewhere and realized it had a hold on you? Until a trip to Oregon, our favorite beaches were in Washington State. The small coastal town of Cannon Beach, the Carmel, California, of Oregon changed that. Little did I realize that we’d be so drawn to this town.

Cannon Beach is located on the Oregon Coast south of Seaside, a young-at-heart mecca for tourists who like the boardwalk beaches of yesteryear and the touristy atmosphere. Cannon Beach is more of a small-town atmosphere with some unique downtown shops and galleries winding through an up-and-down town. Read the rest of this entry »