What is your primary reason for training in the martial arts? There are as many different styles of martial arts as there are instructors teaching them. Read the rest of this entry »

Although not typically a focal point of group cycling, physiology plays an intimate role in the development and delivery of the group cycling program. Class sessions may focus on all or a single metabolic pathway, or incorporate intervals to engage all metabolic pathways within one class. Following is an overview of the energy continuum. Class instructors can use it to stimulate thought and creativity within the class structure. Read the rest of this entry »

My friend is using one … Stallone uses a personal trainer. Should I use one? Do I need a personal trainer? Can I afford one? Why do I need one?

First, which fitness or training question is the important one to the potential client?

Some background: Personal trainers or individual coaches have been around for some time — actually dating back to Greek and Roman times! Trainers teach potentially fit people, or those in need of personal attention, the skills and insights to achieve a fitness goal. They can provide the human motivation to encourage adherence and promote success. Properly trained and educated, they can accelerate the process by doing “on-the-fly” assessments so that time and effort is better spent. A personal trainer can give the client that push needed to stay on track towards the goal, and reduce inefficiency while minimizing potential injury. Read the rest of this entry »