Although not typically a focal point of group cycling, physiology plays an intimate role in the development and delivery of the group cycling program. Class sessions may focus on all or a single metabolic pathway, or incorporate intervals to engage all metabolic pathways within one class. Following is an overview of the energy continuum. Class instructors can use it to stimulate thought and creativity within the class structure. Read the rest of this entry »

The more students learn regarding health and fitness, the more they will appreciate how important it is to regularly participate in your aerobics program. They will also apply the information you give them to their workouts, enabling them to see better results which, in turn, motivates them to stick with the program. Read the rest of this entry »

Like many corporations, SmithKline Beecham used to have a problem with work- related injuries. During the first nine months of 1996, the company spent nearly $300,000 on medical claims, sick leave and employee-replacement costs. At the same time, employees experienced a number of muscular and bone-related complications because of their daily job functions. Back, neck and shoulder problems caused by repetitive movements such as packing boxes, filling trays, inspecting bottles and stocking shelves were among the most common complaints from employees. These difficulties led SmithKline Beecham to introduce its Take 5 For Fitness program, which has dramatically reduced costs, and improved productivity and employee satisfaction. Read the rest of this entry »

“Most any really good athlete can pick up the game,” De Monte said. Nonetheless, there are qualities both De Monte and Scott watch for in a lacrosse player. “We’re looking for a fast step,” added De Monte. “During the game we don’t stand still at all. Every time there’s a pass everybody is moving.” And they’re moving with a purpose. Competition at the collegiate level demands playbooks, set plays, and assignments.

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Looking for a challenging sport that combines fast foot action, furious stick maneuvering, and a ball that shoots through the air at 60-100 miles per hour? Then check out lacrosse. This sport has a reputation as the fastest game on two feet, and it’s also one of the fastest growing games from coast to coast. And if Jake Steinfeld makes good on his plans, the U.S. will have a new major league organization bringing professional lacrosse action to both the field and the television screen.

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I remembered the first time I was able to do a headstand by myself. At first I was so afraid of falling that I couldn’t even get my legs up. Once I fell, I realized that it wasn’t so bad, balance came easily. All of the energy I put into avoiding my fear of falling had actually held me back. As soon as I dove into the fear by letting myself fall, I saw that there was nothing to be scared of. This gave me the freedom to ultimately do the pose. Read the rest of this entry »

This morning I took my first surfing lesson. Being a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, I felt confident that my practice would help me in this new endeavor. When my instructor, Tom, talked about surfing, it sounded a lot like yoga philosophy to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Humidity makes running in the warm weather about a hundred times more difficult, even if you run in the relative coolness of the morning (though when July comes, a “cool’ morning is 75 degrees at 9 a.m.). Michigan is the third wettest state, in the nation, so we are rife with thick air and tougher conditions for just breathing than people in many other places. Read the rest of this entry »

So, I’ve only spent one week in the warm and serene temperatures of a Michigan April, but already I am spoiled and would now detest any sudden return to the weather, which persisted not even two weeks ago. However, as the sun finally warms the day I find that the quality of my runs has become spotty at best. That isn’t a shock for me though, not for this time of the year. That’s a typical event for me. Read the rest of this entry »

My friend is using one … Stallone uses a personal trainer. Should I use one? Do I need a personal trainer? Can I afford one? Why do I need one?

First, which fitness or training question is the important one to the potential client?

Some background: Personal trainers or individual coaches have been around for some time — actually dating back to Greek and Roman times! Trainers teach potentially fit people, or those in need of personal attention, the skills and insights to achieve a fitness goal. They can provide the human motivation to encourage adherence and promote success. Properly trained and educated, they can accelerate the process by doing “on-the-fly” assessments so that time and effort is better spent. A personal trainer can give the client that push needed to stay on track towards the goal, and reduce inefficiency while minimizing potential injury. Read the rest of this entry »