To build muscle, you must have two ingredients, lifting and eating. It is important that you are pushing your muscles to work harder and harder with each workout, but this must happen slowly. Don’t push it or you’ll get hurt, and have to stop and wait until the muscles heal, bad news!

So, the easiest rule to follow is to increase the weight on your current exercise, if you can do 12 reps. Once you can do 12 reps, add three to five more pounds to stress the muscles more. It may take a few weeks until you are strong enough to add more weight, but keep working at it. Eating is key to building muscle. Without the right food, you will get nowhere in building muscle. Six small meals a day should be your goal. Every three hours eat protein, carbs and fat. Each meal should be well-balanced!

Try to follow the routine below (it should only take 40 minutes a day). Only lift what is comfortable and use proper form to prevent injury.

For each of these exercises do three sets of 12 to 14 repetitions (unless otherwise described).

Bench press (or push-ups)
Shoulder press
Front raises
Tricep press (or dips)

Bent-over rows
Arm curls (seated and standing)
Calf raises

Leg extensions
Leg lifts

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