Whether your club is part of a chain or you own an independent gym, you can create profit centers to entice your target audience. The key is to get to know potential and regular members to find out what they want. Seek advice from others who have succeeded by attending industry seminars and workshops. Brainstorming at staff meetings usually allows employees to let their creative juices flow and spice up those profit centers.

Slowly implement profit centers, promoting them through club newsletters and direct mail advertising. These are usually the most successful ways to get your members to participate. Don’t limit advertising to newspapers, and remember to promote the products you sell.

When you offer promotions with your products, sell them at a discount to members who use the service. Members can pay an extra annual or monthly fee to receive discounts on merchandise and services.

Clubs that house standard-issue exercise equipment and lonely locker rooms are being phased out of existence. Club owners must provide a healthy, and almost luxurious atmosphere to ensure their members are satisfied and will keep coming back.

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